We offer you the option of two types of accounts:  Standard Account, and Membership Club Account.  Standard Account is FREE and Membership Club Account has a registration or monthly fee of $10.00 per month or an annual fee of $99.00.

The following chart id a guide and does not necessarily reflect all charges to be incurred prior to the cost of air and/or sea freight.  This chart does not include the cost of shipping, and does not show the full services offered by us.  Please click on our Shipping Services to see our extensive A-mazin services, or you can check out our Other Services.  Feel free to contact us.

  A-mazin Feat None  Points on any purchase from the A-mazin  Shop
  A-mazin Hustle None  Free (2 to 4 days delivery to the Caribbean, etc.)
  A-mazin Personal   Shopping Service  Online Only! $20.00 minimum or 5% of the total purchase.  $10.00 minimum or 3.5% of the total purchase.
  Repacking  $2.75 per package   First 10 items repacked for FREE.  $1.45  per package, thereafter.
  Consolidation  Free  Free
  Storage  $1.00 per box day after 30 days   $1.00 per box per day after 60 days
  Insurance  Varies $2.75 to $3.60 per $100.00  worth  Varies from $2.15 to $3.00 per $100.00 worth
  Cost of Barrel  $30.00  $30.00
  Packing of Barrel  $15.00  Free
  Heavy Package  No Surcharge  No Surcharge
  Special Request  Contact Us  Contact Us


A-mazin Feat:  Whenever you purchase any item from the A-mazin Shop as a club member, you automatically gain points which will lead to that A-mazin Feat during the month of December of each year.  To arrive at this A-mazin Feat, you would have had to be a club member for every month in the yearAn A-mazin gift will be delivered to you for reaching this A-mazin Feat.

A-mazin Hustle:  This is our way of getting your products to you within the shortest number of days AFTER it reaches your mail box.  It is a “prime-time” air freight service which our membership club offers.  If items are received in your mail box by the Saturday, Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday of any given week, we will do an A-mazin Hustle to “try”and get your products to you by the Friday of the same week.